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Implemention of a categorisation that suits the 6 wikis, knowing that "Forge" and "Lore" are integrated in the 5 "linguistical" wikis (and the "common" images as far as possible). There are for each wiki (DE, EN, ES, FR, RU) the same roots. These are:

the actual encyclopedic wiki, powered by all the players
the wiki maintenance tools (template, technical doc, archive...), powered by all players with some advanced experience of Mediawiki and Wikipedia.
all the documentary and technical content enabling the development of Ryzom
all the Lore officially transmitted or approved by the Ryzom Lore Team

The goal of that categorization rule is to have the same fundamental classification between each languages to facilitate the exchange of information, making easily possible comparison between documentation and their translation if required. With the exception of the "Forge" items, there are some first level of trees (1-4) due to their importance in the game (and the wiki management). All that are listed in the next tables. Those fundamental branches have a portal (P) and navigation bar (T). It is not useful, and even harmful, to define and freeze all the categories of levels lower than those in the tables. Players and writers can create and manage the categories they want, as long as they link them to those written in the current tables and above all avoid creating "root" categories, otherwise the Sysop will integrate them where it suits best, the aim being to have some harmonization between the 5 language wikis.

Please, try to categorize all items directly or indirectly into at least one category in the following table for the good of all.

Dans chacune de ces racines nous avons les mêmes arborescences initiales. Elles sont toutes associées à un portail et tous les documents ou sous catégories qui y appartiennent directement ont leur navigateur de portail associé en bas de page.


All missing bricks ("category" and "template") must be written in English by default. This does not apply to old bricks already made. When two bricks co-exist, one in English the other in local, the wisest, in general, is to redirect the English brick on the local. The reason is that developers( including Sysop) are comfortable in English, but not necessarily the players / contributors.

Category:Encyclopatys 1
Category:Hilfe en:Category:Help Category:Ayuda Category:Aide‎ Category:Справка 2
Category:X-files Category:X-files Category:Entresijos Category:Arcanes Category:X-files 2
Template:Portal X-files Template:Portal X-files Template:Portal Entresijos Template:Portail Arcanes Template:Portal X-files T
Portal:X-files Portal:X-files Portal:Entresijos Portail:Arcanes Portal:X-files P
Category:Archives Category:Archives Category:Archivos Category:Archives Category:Archives 3
Template:Portal Archives Template:Portal Archives Template:Portal Archivos Template:Portail Archives Template:Portal Archives T
Portal:X-files/Archives Portal:X-files/Archives Portal:Entresijos/Archivos Portail:Arcanes/Objets perdus Portal:X-files/Archives P
Category:Geheimnis Category:Mysteries Category:Misterios Category:OVNI Category:Mysteries 3
Template:Portal Geheimnis Template:Portal Mysteries Template:Portal Misterios Template:Portail OVNI Template:Portal Mysteries T
Portal:X-files/Geheimnis Portal:X-files/The_Cave Portal:Entresijos/La_Cueva Portail:Arcanes/OVNI Portal:X-files/Mysteries P
Category:Atys‎ Category:Atys‎ Category:Atys‎ Category:Atys‎ Category:Atys‎ 2
Template:Portal Atys‎ Template:Portal Atys‎ Template:Portal Atys‎ Template:Portail Atys‎ Template:Portal Atys‎ T
Portal:Atys‎ Portal:Atys‎ Portal:Atys‎ Portail:Atys‎ Portal:Atys‎ P
Category:Gebietsansässige Category:Inhabitants Category:Habitantes Category:Habitants Category:Inhabitants 3
Template:Portal Atys‎
Template:Portal Die Große Bibliothek‎
Template:Portal Atys‎
Template:Portal The Great Library‎
Template:Portal Atys‎
Template:Portal La Gran Biblioteca
Template:Portail Atys‎
Template:Portail La Grande Bibliothèque
Template:Portal Atys‎
Template:Portal Великая Библиотека
Category:Flora Category:Flora Category:Flora Category:Flore Category:Flora 4
Template:Portal Flora Template:Portal Flora Template:Portal Flora Template:Portail Flore Template:Portal Flora T
Portal:Flora Portal:Flora Portal:Flora Portail:Flore Portal:Flora P
Category:Fauna Category:Fauna Category:Fauna Category:Faune Category:Fauna 4
Template:Portal Fauna Template:Portal Fauna Template:Portal Fauna Template:Portail Faune Template:Portal Fauna T
Portal:Fauna Portal:Fauna Portal:Fauna Portail:Faune Portal:Fauna P
de:Die Völker von Atys en:Category:Peoples of Atys es:Category:Habitants fr:Category:Les Peuples d'Atys ru:Category:Народы Atys 4
Category:Primitiven Category:Primitives Category:Primitivos Category:Primitifs Category:Primitives 5
Template:Portal Primitiven Template:Portal Primitives Template:Portal Primitivos Template:Portail Primitif Template:Portal Primitives T
Portal:Atys/Primitiven Portal:Atys/Primitives Portal:Atys/Primitivos Portail:Atys/Primitifs Portal:Atys/Примитивные P
Category:Stämme Category:Tribes Category:Tribus Category:Tribus Category:Tribes 5
Template:Portal Stamm Template:Portal Tribe Template:Portal Tribu Template:Portail Tribu Template:Portal Племя‎ T
Portal:Atys/Stämme Portal:Atys/Tribes Portal:Atys/Tribus Portail:Atys/Tribus Portal:Atys/Племен P
Category:Zivilisation Category:Civilization Category:Civilizaciones de Atys Category:Civilisations Homines Category:Цивилизация 5
Template:Portal Zivilisation Template:Portal Civilization Template:Portal Civilización Template:Portail Civilisation Template:Portal Civilization T
Portal:Atys/Zivilisation Portal:Atys/Civilization Portal:Atys/Civilización Portail:Civilisation Portal:Atys/Цивилизация P
Category:Fyros Category:Fyros Category:Fyros Category:Fyros Category:Fyros 6
Template:Portal Fyros Template:Portal Fyros Template:Portal Fyros Template:Portail Fyros Template:Portal Fyros T
Portal:Fyros Portal:Fyros Portal:Fyros Portail:Fyros Portal:Fyros P
Category:Matis Category:Matis Category:Matis Category:Matis Category:Matis 6
Template:Portal Matis Template:Portal Matis Template:Portal Matis Template:Portail Matis Template:Portal Matis T
Portal:Matis Portal:Matis Portal:Matis Portail:Matis Portal:Matis P
Category:Tryker Category:Tryker Category:Tryker Category:Tryker Category:Tryker 6
Template:Portal Tryker Template:Portal Tryker Template:Portal Tryker Template:Portail Tryker Template:Portal Tryker T
Portal:Tryker Portal:Tryker Portal:Tryker Portail:Tryker Portal:Tryker P
Category:Zoraï Category:Zoraï Category:Zoraï Category:Zoraï Category:Zoraï 6
Template:Portal Zoraï Template:Portal Zoraï Template:Portal Zoraï Template:Portail Zoraï Template:Portal Zoraï T
Portal:Zoraï Portal:Zoraï Portal:Zoraï Portail:Zoraï Portal:Zoraï P
Category:Rangers Category:Rangers Category:Rangers Category:Rangers Category:Rangers 5
Template:Portal Rangers Template:Portal Rangers Template:Portal Rangers Template:Portail Rangers Template:Portal Rangers T
Portal:Rangers Portal:Rangers Portal:Rangers Portail:Rangers Portal:Rangers P
Category:Le pouvoir
de:Category:Le pouvoir en:Category:Le pouvoir es:Category:Le pouvoir fr:Category:Le pouvoir ru:Category:Le pouvoir 4
de:Template:Portal Le pouvoir en:Template:Portal Le pouvoir es:Template:Portal Le pouvoir fr:Template:Portail Le pouvoir ru:Template:Portal Le pouvoir T
de:Portal:Le pouvoir en:Portal:Le pouvoir es:Portal:Le pouvoir fr:Portail:Le pouvoir ru:Portal:Le pouvoir P
Category:Charte graphique
Category:La Grande Bibliothèque
Category:Sciences et techniques
Category:Homins Category:Histoire
Category:Ryzom, le jeu‎
Category:Wikipatys 1

La Lore

Sous catégorie Sous niveau ou portail
Lore Officielle‎ Toutes les pages validées par les loristes . Ces pages ne peuvent être modifiées que par des administrateurs.

Modèle:Ancienne Lore‎

Gestion technique de la Lore
To be check Articles devant être validés et protégés en écriture par les Loristes ou les Sysop (en accord avec les loristes)

Ryzom Forge

Sous catégorie Sous niveau ou portail

► 3D‎
► ARK‎
► Brainstorming‎
► Comm Marketing‎
► Comp Graphic‎
► Dev‎
► Forge Dev‎
► Forge Event‎
► Forge Lore‎
► Forge Portal‎
► Graphic‎
► Help contents‎
► Help-support‎
► Ideas‎
► K dfn sitem‎
► K item typ‎
► K primitives ryzom core‎
► K sitem typ‎
► Khaganat‎
► Level-Design‎
► Linux‎
► News‎
► Project
► Rykea‎
► Support‎
► Test‎
► Textures‎
► Translation‎
► Tutorials‎
► Wiki Admin‎

Les sous catégories sont (et doivent être) identiques dans les 5 langues.

Le Wikipatys

Sous catégorie Sous niveau ou portail

► Aide‎
► Anomalies‎
► Article à illustrer‎
► Babylon‎
Category:Catégories cachées‎
► Charte graphique‎
► Ebauche‎
► Empty‎
► Exclure lors de l'impression
► Homonymie‎
► Images‎
► Maquettes‎


► Modèle:Bandeau‎‎
► Modèle:Chartes graphiques‎‎
► Formatting templates‎‎
► Modèles Genealogiques‎‎
► Image templates‎‎
► Modèle:Infobox‎

Category:Lien portail‎‎

► Modèle:Lore‎‎
► Modèle navigation‎‎
► Modèle:Onglet‎‎
► Templates‎‎

► Obsolète‎
► Pages avec des liens de fichiers brisés‎
► Policies‎

Category:Portails‎ Category:Modèle:Portail Category:Lumière sur

► WIP‎
► À blanchir‎

Autres portails